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Posted: April 20, 2020

All about sandwiches.

1.  Research how and when the sandwich was created.

2.  List some types of hot sandwiches.

3. Define and find/give an example of the following types of cold sandwiches:  a)  canape  b) regular sandwich  c)  open-faced sandwich

d) decker sandwich  e) specialty sandwich (e.g. -sub)

4.  List several types of bread or bread products used in sandwich making.

5.  Research what is meant by a "dry" filling and a "moist" filling.  Give an example of each.

6.  Mini recipe book.  Add 2 hot sandwich recipes, 2 moist or salad sandwich recipes, 1 open-faced and 1 decker or specialty sandwich recipe.

Challenge:  Show me your sandwich-creating skills.  Maybe you're making a burger, a grilled cheese, a wrap, burrito, etc.  Send pictures of your process and your creation.

Posted: April 20, 2020

Who doesn't love cookies?!

Task # 1:  Do a Google search to define:  bar cookies, drop cookies, rolled cookies, no-bake cookies and refrigerator cookies. Give an example of each, if possible.

Task # 2: Mini recipe book - add 2 drop cookie recipes, 1 bar cookie recipe, i rolled cookie recipe, 1 no-bake cookie recipe and 1 refrigerator cookie recipe.

Challenge:  I've attached a very basic tea biscuit recipe - the one we would have started with in class, and also the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe that we would have made in class.  If you are able to try making one (or both), send me pictures!! Note:  I usually bake cookies for the minimum time, remove from oven and leave on hot pan for several minutes.  You don't want them over-baked.

PDF icon simple_tea_biscuits.pdf173.54 KB
PDF icon chocolate_chip_cookies.pdf169.61 KB

Posted: April 20, 2020

Week  3 Activities.


1.  Journal writing.  Choose 5 topics from the document "52 Journal topics" (see attachment). I am looking for a minimum of one paragraph for each ( 5 sentences).  Please email to me on Friday.

2.  Reading assignments will be on-line.  Please email me for website, and log-in info.

PDF icon 52_journal_topics.pdf300.93 KB

Posted: April 14, 2020

Important message!!  English 113 students have been registered in a reading website where you can complete reading activities and track progress  You must email me to get your log-in and password so you can get started.  I think this will be fun!

Posted: April 14, 2020

Home Learning Week # 2

Task # 1: Read the document attached (AoW).  Create your response using bullets 1, 2, and 4 found at the end of the article.

Task # 2:  Complete the "Correct the errors" sheet.

Task # 3:  Explanatory Writing.  "Rebels Hate Being Told What to Do."  Discuss you life as it is now under the Covid 19 rules.  How are you managing the Corona Virus Rules?

Email you responses by Friday.

Posted: April 14, 2020

Home Learning Week # 2.  

Task # 1:  Smallwares assignment.  Open the file below.  Read/view the information.  Complete the fill-in-the-blank statements.  You need only to number 1 - 37 and write the appropriate word(s) for each blank.  Email document or picture by Friday.

Task # 2:  Mini Recipe Book project.  This week, find 1 recipe for basic biscuits (sometimes called tea biscuits or baking powder biscuits), 1 recipe for cheese biscuits, 1 recipe for shortcake biscuits (the type of biscuit you would use for strawberry shortcake) and 1 recipe for cinnamon rolls (biscuit recipe, not yeast-raised).

Task # 3: Challenge: I've included the attachment for the Easy Banana Bread recipe that we would normally make in class.  I'd love you to try it at home.  Send me a picture!

File easy_banana_bread_v2.docx11.85 KB
Office presentation icon smallwares.ppt874 KB

Posted: April 14, 2020

Week 2 Learning Activity.  Continuing with our "Mini Recipe Book," your challenge this week is to focus on salads.

Task # 1:  Find 2 recipes for green salads that you would enjoy making/eating.  Find 1 recipe for potato salad.  Find 1 recipe for pasta salad.  Find 2 recipes for salad dressings (1 vinagrette and 1 creamy).

Task # 2:  Create your own recipes!  If you were to make your ideal green salad at home, what ingredients would you use? (Salad dressing, too)  Try, as much as possible, to write it in recipe format.  Next, create the recipe for your perfect pasta salad.  Include type of pasta (macaroni, rigatoni, penne, etc) and whatever vegetables, meats/cheeses/proteins you would enjoy.  Don't forget your salad dressing recipe!

Posted: April 14, 2020

Home Learning Week # 2.  Time to get those pencils moving!!  Open the document in the attachment.  Choose one topic for each day this week.  Spend a minimum of 15 minutes on your topic.  On Friday, email your entries (pictures of your work are acceptable, as well)

PDF icon 52_journal_topics.pdf300.93 KB

Posted: April 6, 2020

Home Learning Activity # 1.  Your task is to recreate a very abbreviated version of the recipe book that we started in class.  For this week, focus on Quick Breads and Muffins.  Find 1 quick bread recipe (eg banana bread or lemon bread) that you think you would enjoy making and enjoy eating.  Find 1 muffin recipe that you would enjoy making and eating.  Please read the first note posted today "Memo to My Students" for suggestions on how you might submit this.  Feel free to email me with any questions.

Posted: April 6, 2020

Home Learning Activity # 1.

Your challenge is to create a very abbreviated version of your recipe book.  I realize many of you have done this but are not able to access your saved materials.  This week, please find 5 soup recipes.  1 Clear soup  eg Chicken Noodle.  1 Cream of Pureed soup eg Cream of Mushroom  1 Thick Soup or Chowder  eg Beef Barley, Corn Chowder  2 Specialty soups  eg Chili, Wonton, ethnic.  Choode recipes that you would enjoy making and eating.  Please read "Memo to My Students" found in the first note posted today.  This will give you suggestions in how to share your findings with me.