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Posted: February 7, 2013


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Posted: February 7, 2013

Word of the Day:  DisconsolateEng 123:  Completed chapter 4 of The Contender.  We will read chapter 5 tomorrow.  Assignment for chapters 1-5 is due on Tuesday. English 122:  Double entry journal.  Copy a quote/passage from your novel, giving the page number.  Discuss the quote using SOAPS.  Subject - identify te main idea; Occasion - explain the context:  setting, circumstances, events, etc;Audience - identify the intended audience and explain why; Purpose - analuze the author's purpose for writing;  Speaker - determine the tone of voice of the quote and why it is used. English 122:  Literary analysis of "The Boat"  Plot, Setting, Characters, Poin of View, Conflict, Theme, Symbolism.Notes taken from Powerpoint. Eng:123:  Chapter 5 of "More Joy in Heaven"  Chapters 1-5 assignment is due ofn Tuesday.
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Posted: February 6, 2013

Word of the Day:  Caveat English 123:  Read The Contender  chapter 3 and chapter 4 (to page 39).  Answer questions. English 122:  Theme suggestons are in my dropbox under English 122 novel Themes file.Continue reading in novel. Continue making notes of references which illustrate themes that you may wih to discuss in your thematic analysis. English 113:  Read chapters 3 and 4 of More Joy in Heaven and do chapter questions. English 122:  "The Boat"  Briefly summarize the effects of books and reading on the various members of the family. Use specific references from th text to support your answers. Explain how the narrator's relationship with his father reflects the central conflict he faces. Explain what each of the following symbolize in the story:  the boat, books, brass wrist chains, cigarettes, the tourists.

Posted: February 5, 2013

English 123:  Read Chapter 2 of The Contender and answer chapter questions. English 122:  Continue reading.  Go back to the first chapters and develp 10 questions that you may wish to have answered during yur reading.  Do an internet search on the author of your novel.  Can you find any information about his purpose in writing the novel?  Check for an author web page.  Write down some of your findings to discuss in class. English 112:  Looking at the first 5 paragraphs of "The Boat", develop 3 - 5 questions that you have about the story.  Continue reading, highlighting important ideas, thematic concepts, difficult words, etc.  Make notes, ask questions, in the margins. English 113:  Read chapter 2 of More Joy in Heaven and answer chapter questions.

Posted: February 4, 2013

English 123:  Read Chapter 1 of The Contender.  Answer questions from package. English 122:  Continue novel reading.  In-class exercise on difficult reading. English 113:  Read Chapter 1 of More Joy in Heaven.  Answer questions from package. English 112:  Read first 6 pages of "The Boat"  by Alistair MacLeod.  You can find pdf online through a search engine.