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Posted: December 5, 2013

P 1 - Finish the Simple Interest Worksheet :P2 - Make sure # 11, 16 are done on pg. 187.  Know the reciprocals of trig functions. p4 (chem 11) : Complete 1 - 5 on % composition worksheet.  Start your Assignment. P6.
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Posted: November 12, 2013

P1 - Today we worked on calculating slope and grade percent.  HW was on handout # 3, 4 and the You Try # 1.P2 - We continued on with logarithms on handout 7-9.  Make sure q# 10, 18, 19 are completed for tomorrow!P4 - Chem 11 - Started types of reactions classification and predicting products.  We were able to complete the notes with examples today but  did not assign any homework.P6 - Chem 12 - We reviewed quiz questions that some students had trouble with from Thursday.  We completed three examples for rate laws.  No HW for today.

Posted: November 1, 2013

P1 - Finished q 1-10 on pg. 76 and assigned the extra practice sheet handout.  We have set a test for next wednesday.P2 - Continued to do a few solving equations with exponents, worked on section 7.3 1-6 and 8 c,d.  Wrote a quiz.  Assignments were due today.P4 (Gr. 12)  - We went over two more Ksp questions and then started commonion questions.P6 (Gr. 11) - Balancing equations and started word equations.

Posted: October 31, 2013

P1: Started Orthographic drawings and worked with the linking cubes.  No Hw.P2: Continuation of Solving Exponential Eqns from questions from the board.  Assignment is due tomorrow.P4: Chem 11 : Balancing Equations continued.  A second handout was given out and should be finished for tomorrow.P6: Chem 12:  Ksp examples 1-5 were completed and a worksheet was handed out. # 1-5 for HW.

Posted: October 30, 2013

P1:  We wrote a quiz on missing dimensions today.  After which we discussed orthographic diagrams. No HW today.P2:  School Assembly (in lieu of class).  Assignment due date pushed back to Friday.P4: Chem 12 - Test today.  No HWP6:  Chem 11 - Balancing Equations Worksheet. 

Posted: October 21, 2013

P1:  Continued to work on scale statements and scaled measurements.  Some students did not finish their in class assignment on Thurs or Friday.  This needs to be finished and handed in.   There will be a quiz on Tuesday.   P2:  We finished completing the investigation exercise of transformations of exponential graphs.  This should be ready to be handed at the beginning of tuesday's class.   P4: Chem 12 - Reviewed Keq worksheet and questions from thursday/friday.  Then we started the intro to the 3rd type involving ICE Tables.  Students were called out for a quick presentation near the end of class.    P6:  Chem 11:  Continued on with rules for naming acids/bases and practiced on board.  Assigned various worksheet questions for acids and bases.

Posted: October 16, 2013

P1 : Continued to work on finding scale statements and unknown lengths off of the board.  No HW tonight.  P2:  Finished last 2 examples.  Assigned pg. 345, # 2,3,4,5 for HWP4: Wrote a quiz on Le Chatelier's Principle.  Introduced 18.2: Keq equations.  No HW tonight.P6: Chem 11:  Wrote a quiz on their polyatomic ions.  After which a nomenclature handout was provided # 1-20 for HW.  

Posted: October 15, 2013

P1 - We completed the "Build Your Skills" worksheet from Wednesday and reviewed the answers.  No HW.P2 - We started Chapter 7 on exponential functions.  We reviewed exponent rules and then started graphing increasing and decreasing functions.  No HW todayP4 (Chem 11) - continued to work on nomenclature practice.  Went over the worksheet from Wednesday.  There will be a quiz on the polyatomic ions tomorrow!P6 (Chem 12) - We finished the worksheets on Le Chatelier's Principle and reviewed the answers.  There will be a quiz on this tomorrow!

Posted: October 9, 2013

P1:  (Fin11):  Students completed a multiple intelligences survey and then completed several examples of scale factor determination before completing the handout "build your skills" which was given out on Tues.P2 (PreCal)  Quiz today.  Remaining time used to complete assignment.P4 (Gr 12):  Finish both worksheet on Le Chatelier's Principle.P6 (gr 11):  Nomenclature work continues.  Worksheet received in Tuesday's class is to be completed in class on Wed.  A second handout is available for more practice.  Memorize your polyatomic ions now!   

Posted: October 8, 2013

Period 1 - Worked on determining scale factor and also practiced unit conversions.  Q  #2 (a-d) for HW (on handout)Period 2 - Quiz tomorrow on all combinations of functions.  Review questions from Pg 510, # Period 4 - (gr. 11) - Nomenclature rules and practice.Period 6 - (gr 12)  wrote a quiz on PE diagrams and will begin Le Chatelier's Principle problems.