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Posted: June 2, 2020

Final Assessment in Writing - My High School Experience

Final Assessment in Reading - Reading Comprehension (Mult Choice)

Final Assessment in Spoken Production - The video assignment

I have posted final assessment work n all three areas of English 12.  This is what needs to be completed to get credit in this course.  I will contonue to accept these assignments until June 12th.

Look at past posts to make sure you haven't missed anything.

Posted: June 1, 2020

If you have been keeping up with the work assignments, I have been able to assess how well you can read for layered meaning, as well as the organization, structure, and mechanics of your writing.  The next focus of assessment is spoken communication. I need you to send me the video/audio or just audio of yourself presenting a practiced, short review.  You can review a tv show, book, movie, video game, whatever.  It needs to be 3 - 5 minutes long and practiced.  No stumbling over words like you are reading it for the first time.  I will be listening for voice, so no robotic recitation. The format of the review is up to you; use your imagination.

This will be due by June 12th.  If you are paying attention to important dates then you will realize that is the last day of home learning, meaning this assignment will be you final assignment for English 11-2.  Good luck.

Posted: June 1, 2020

The school year is winding down and there are only a couple more weeks left of work.  I have decided to make the novel study your final assignment for EAL.  Reading exposes you to proper English grammar, the patterns of dialogue, and opens up yor vocabulary. Finish your book, complete the novel study, send it to me, and then you are done!  You have until June 12th.

Posted: May 26, 2020

I would like you to send me an email telling me how much of your novel you have read and how much you have done in the novel study booklet.  Just a quick email so I know how things are progressing for you.

Write a 5 paragraph essay that answers the following: How is Animal Farm an allegory?

Paragraph 1- Introduce the plot of the novel and the concept of an allegory. End the paragraph with a statement on how Animal Farm is considered a classic example of an allegory, which can be proven through an analysis of the symbols.

Paragraph 2/3/4 - THE ANALYSIS OF THE SYMBOLS. Structure the body however you want, but you need to use the information you learned through your research to discuss how the symbols (characters, setting, items, whatever you discovered through your reading and the research), lead you to a second/deeper meaning of the story.  This is an assessment of your understanding of symbolism and allegory as well as your ability to construct a strong 5 paragraph essay.  You were taught and prepared for this in English 9, 10 and 11 semester 1. This will also work as your final written exam/assessment for credit in this course.

Conclusion - repetition of the purpose of this essay and listing of the proof that Animal Farm is indeed an allegory

NO direct quotes needed, but ovbiously events of the novel will need to be referenced throughout.  No works Cited page needed.

This assignment to be completed for the week of June 1st - 5th please.

Posted: May 19, 2020

You have submitted for credit reading comprehension work, and two forms of writing.  The other aspect of English 12 that needs to be assessed is Speaking and Verbal skills.

I will give you 2 weeks to write and record a report on how best to stay connected with friends and family during the current Covid 19 pandemic.

You have complete freedom in how you accomplish this task, (mock news report, mock interview, a play or acted out scenario, a standing presentation, etc) however their are certain criteria for a shared structure.

1. Needs to be appoximately 5 minutes in length (4-6 acceptable) 

2. I would prefer it to be a video, so I can see you presenting your work, but if that is not possible I will accept just audio.

3. Bonus for creativity.

4. I will NOT require the written work, just your spoken presentation of the written work.


Email me with any questions or issues with technology

Continue reading your novel and working on your novel study.

Visit the following websites:

Read over the information that these sites provide on the symbolic meaning behind the items and characters you listed and gave me literal notes on.  Read through anything on these sites that provide insight about the 'deeper meaning' of the novel.  It is not a silly story about animals on a farm, it is a deeper story about politics and society.  

In approximately half a page reflect on what you have learned from your research.  Share this half page reflection with me.  Part 4 will be shared with you next Wednesday.

To clarify the previous posting for EAL. This novel study is to be completed as you read your novel and after you have finished your novel.  Read it carefully.  This assignment will take however long it takes for you to finish your novel.  So 1) answer the parts of the assignment that you can right now 2) Keep reading your novel 3) When you finish your novel, finish the assignment.  Read the assignment carefully, all the information that you need is there.

Complete the attached Novel Study for the novel you have chosen.  When it asks for work to be done before you have read the book, you can skip those sections, since you were already to have begun reading last week.  

PDF icon ela8_-_independent_novel_study.pdf39.22 KB

Posted: May 11, 2020

I am still waiting on Reading Comprehension and HIghschool Experience responses from most of you.  This week I will allow more time for you to get those in to me.  If you are one of the few that have completed this then you are caught up in English and you can work on other courses.  I will be posting new work on Friday of this week.

On a sheet of paper write down the following with space to make notes.  Napolean, Snowball, Boxer, Squealer, Old Major, Moses, Mollie, Mr. Frederick, Mr. Pilkington, The sheep, Animalism, the windmill, the animal farm/manor farm

Read the story attached. It is a PDF titled Animal Farm

As you read the story for meaning 1, which is just reading to get the literal meaning, consider the roles of all the items and people I made you list.  Don't get ahead of yourself.  You are doing a literal reading of events first.  Write down LITERALLY what roles these items and people have in the literal story. 

When you finish send me a picture of your list.  I am expecting approximately a week and a half to complete this. I will continue with Part 3 on the 13th of this month.

One of the larger concepts that we need to work on for English 11-2 is allegory.  I intended to guide you through this concept using fairy tales, and then rising in complexity to larger written pieces that are considered allegories.  That is not possible, so what I have done is chosen the novella Animal Farm, for you to analyze on your own. I chose this story because I feel it would be of a complexity you can manage with my online support as well as the massive amount of website support available for this classic story. it is also not a subtle allegory, it is a very obvious one.

First let me re-introduce you to the concept.

An allegory is when a story has two layered meanings.  One is literal.  The character goes from point A to point B, has an adventure, learns something, and the story is resolved in some fashion.  The other meaning is figurative.  The characters are symbolic, representing groups of people or concepts.  The events are symbolic.  The setting is symbolic. The author wants you to enjoy the story but also see the deeper understanding under the surface where a second more meaningful and more introspective story is being told.

You have experienced this before; Lord of the Flies is an allegory.  Reading 1. Boys surviving on an island. Reading 2. Characters represent elements of humanity, the island becomes a social experiment and the objects represent societal or religious constructs. Suddeny the story is about humanity, about us.  It is important that you practice the skill of recognizing reading 2.  

If you are still confused about this concept, research allegory on your own time, or reach out to me for more expanation.

PDF icon animalfarm.pdf119.07 KB

Posted: May 4, 2020

I would like you to find an english novel somewhere in your host families home or purchase one if possible.  If you still have the one you borrowed from the school you can use that one.  THis week I would like you to spend 30mins a night reading in english. Please email me the title of the novel you have chosen.

Posted: May 4, 2020

Those who have completed the reading comprehension assessment will be getting their feedback this week.  Also for this week I would like you to work on the attached assignment.  There is a rubric with it that I will be using to give you feedback on your writing.

File myhighschoolexperienceinwriting.docx15.21 KB