Policy 703

Posted: April 17, 2017

Sugarloaf Senior Highschool in accordance with Policy 703, The Newbrunswick Positive Learning Environment have implemented the following protocol for members of its student body.
Within the confines of our school we have established an alternative setting for students who are creating a disturbance to the learning environment of their fellow students. This area commonly referred to as In School Suspension or ISS is meant to be a temporary solution to behavioral issues. Students sent to ISS are welcomed back to class the following period, and may continue on with their school day.
However, in certain cases students are assigned to ISS on a number of occasions, signifying that there may be greater underlying issues. In such cases the following protocol will be enacted:
1. On a student's fifth assignment to ISS over the course of a term the parents/guardians will be contacted by school administration. Students will meet with administration to discuss behaviors.
2. On the eighth assignment the student will be issued a one day school suspension and parents/guardians will be asked to attend a meeting with school administration to discuss the student's behavioral issues and a plan for student success will be put in place.
3. On the tenth assignment students will be issued a two day school suspension, and a second parent/guardian meeting will be arranged to discuss further possible solutions.