February 7, 2013 (Thursday)

Posted: February 7, 2013

Word of the Day:  DisconsolateEng 123:  Completed chapter 4 of The Contender.  We will read chapter 5 tomorrow.  Assignment for chapters 1-5 is due on Tuesday. English 122:  Double entry journal.  Copy a quote/passage from your novel, giving the page number.  Discuss the quote using SOAPS.  Subject - identify te main idea; Occasion - explain the context:  setting, circumstances, events, etc;Audience - identify the intended audience and explain why; Purpose - analuze the author's purpose for writing;  Speaker - determine the tone of voice of the quote and why it is used. English 122:  Literary analysis of "The Boat"  Plot, Setting, Characters, Poin of View, Conflict, Theme, Symbolism.Notes taken from Powerpoint. Eng:123:  Chapter 5 of "More Joy in Heaven"  Chapters 1-5 assignment is due ofn Tuesday.
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