English 113 period 2

Posted: June 1, 2020

I like to start tying up the year with a bit of reflective and lyric writing.  This assignment lets you focus on memories and the things that have shaped you.  The first thing to do is to open the tw attachments and read the sample "poems" - all written in the same style.  The writers are looking back at their memories of growing up - special items and places and other things that have been important to them.  I've included two templates - they are almost identical - so that you can chhose one and begin filling it in to create the "skeleton" of your lyric writing.  After you have your skeleton, you'll need to add some descriptive words to help the reader (me) really "see" what you are seeing.  I'll upload my skeleton  and my finished lyric in the next few days.  Have fun!!

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