SSHS Cyber Spirit Week

Posted: March 28, 2020

With the current situation, the SSHS student council has been tasked with finding ways to maintain a sense of community between staff and students. With everyone being self isolated, this is not something easy to accomplish. A potential solution has been found though, and we’re pleased to share it with everyone. We’re calling it our Cyber Spirit Week


What is it

Based on the name alone, many could infer that this is a spin on our classic monthly Spirit Weeks. And that’s exactly it! We are moving our spirit week to a 100% online platform for te first time ever. Students and staff alike will be able to submit their own pictures and videos that correspond to the day’s theme to our school accounts, either via direct message or by posting the content and tagging us in the caption. Our school account will either be reposting the submissions in one single post, or be posting each submission to our account’s story.


What are the themes?

  • Movie Marathon Monday: Send in pictures of what movies you’ve been watching to pass the time, including the title and whether or not you’d recommend them.
  • Pet Picture Tuesday: Send in cute or strange pictures of your amazing pets.
  • Workout Wednesday: Send in short videos of you doing workouts anyone can do from the comfort of their own home.
  • Bake-off Thursday: Send us pictures or time lapse videos of your best baking. Make sure to include yourself in the picture, and we’ll be deciding who’s we think is the best.
  • Karaoke Friday: Send us videos of you doing your best (or worst) karaoke and we’ll decide who did the best job.


Where do we send our submissions?

  • For Instagram users, we advise posting your content and tagging us in the caption. Sending it to us in a direct message will also work, but the content will be at a lower resolution. Our account is sugarloafseniorhigh
  • For Facebook users, we would ask that you send us your content in a direct message on Facebook Messenger. Our account is Sugarloaf Senior High School.