Monday October 18th

Posted: October 17, 2021

Good evening, Sugarloaf Senior High School Families.


Tomorrow, Monday, October 18th, SSHS will return to regular operations.  Therefore, Monday will be a regular school day for all students, with the exception of those who have been instructed to isolate based on Public Health recommendations or who are showing any symptoms. 

A couple of important reminders:

- all those who are currently taking part in the rapid test program are to return their rapid tests for verification – please store the test cartridges in a clean small plastic bag (e.g. Ziploc bag/sandwich bag). Your child will need to take their completed test cartridges to school, at the Gerrard Street entrance, on Monday to demonstrate that they received 2 negative tests in a row.

- all those who were notified on Friday to pick up rapid test tomorrow can do so between 8:30 an 12:00 at the Gerrard Street entrance.

Thank you!