Letter to Parents

Posted: October 29, 2021







October 29th, 2021


Dear ASD-N Families,

Thank you for your patience today.

This message is to confirm that all schools will move to learning from home on Monday, November 1st, due to the current work stoppage. This will continue until this issue is resolved.

You will receive communication from your school with details of times when students can pick up needed items at the beginning of next week, as well as information regarding your child(ren)’s learning plan. Schools will also confirm how you can contact them during this time.

Learning from home will include a daily check-in and work provided for younger grades, a combination of check-ins and/or online learning for middle school grades, and online learning for high school grades depending on the nature of the course.  Attendance will be taken, and instruction will be provided, as learning will continue for students.

Please be watching for additional communication from your school and/or teachers.

Thank you for your cooperation. 


Mark Donovan