Home Learning Q & A Regarding Credit or Enrolled

Posted: April 20, 2020


SSHS parents and students,


Please find attached information below from EECD & ASD-N regarding the high school program for the remainder of this year. Also you will see in the Document Section, the Q&A Document for clarification. In general, this applies to Grade 11/12 students as it pertains to Enrolled/Credit Report Card Notations and graduation.


Enrolled: This notation will appear on the transcript denoting that the student was enrolled in a course second semester and the student chose or was not able to do further learning to obtain a credit. All courses listed as enrolled count toward the total number of required graduation courses. 


Credit: This notation will appear on the transcript denoting that a student, as determined by their principal and subject teacher, has met the core curricular components of that course through assigned work and formative feedback from the teacher. There will be no numerical values assigned to the course.


Benefit of getting a Credit vs. Enrolled notation
A credit on the transcript will indicate to post secondary institutions that core curricular competencies were met. This may be needed for some post-secondary programs. You will need to continue with your “Home Learning” in order to attain a Credit Notation. Teachers will be providing feedback throughout this process. Check with the guidance counselor to make sure you know what courses you need.


If you have questions about a specific course, you should contact the teacher of that course. For general questions contact guidance or administration and we will do our best to provide or find answers.


Thank you so much for your patience and kindness as we work through this new adventure. As a Bruin learning community, you have been very supportive, and we appreciate that!