Course Selection 2020-2021 (Student Id & Passwords)

Posted: May 22, 2020

Virtual On-Line Course Registration for 2020-2021

Virtual On-Line Course registration for students going into Grade 11 and 12 will begin on Monday, May 25th. It is important for students to have access to their accounts if they will be doing on-line course selections through Power School.

SSHS and ASD-N has added the following support options to help you stay connected, and to help you maintain access to your school based digital resources.

Send a message using one of the methods below. Include your name, school name, grade number and the type of support you require. Ex: reset my password, I don’t remember my account or what is my email address and an IT support person will respond with help.

- Text: Send a text message to 1-506-210-0127, IT staff will respond and help you get access to your account, password or electronic resources.
- Email: Use the District email address you can initiate a support call of your own.
- Teacher: If you already have a means of communicating with your classroom teacher, just ask, they can initiate support on your behalf.