Bussing information for Friday September 24th

Posted: September 22, 2021

Friday September 24,

Please take note of the following bussing changes

 1. Bus 448 will begin picking up students in Robinsonville that would normally take Bus 444 as far as the Highway and continue along picking up students in Malauze with a possible 10-minute delay.

 2. Bus 442 will pick up students from Alford Drive in Tide Head and continue along through Tide Head, Atholville for Bus 444 and continue to do its regular run with little delay.

 3. At 3:00 all students for Bus 444 will get on Bus 448. 

 4. Bus 448 sstudents will be dropped off first with an estimated delay of 15 – 20 minutes getting  home for students on the regular 444 run.