Blue Team wins BotB

Posted: January 8, 2020

      The date was December 19th, 2019. The “Guac Stars” and “Surfing Santas” had previously spent several hours preparing for the games, while the “Blue Team” was seemingly still in disaccord over their name. In the morning, while the Guac Stars put their finishing touches on all of their decorations (some of which were prepared over a month in advance), the Blue Team spent their time crowdsourcing blue drawing supplies and hunting down anything blue that could be added to their display. While the Surfing Santas and guac Stars were privately rehearsing their dances, Blue Team made some last minute modifications to the remix they would enter to. In one final act of unpreparedness, Blue Team began to argue over one final change that some wanted to see made to their remix and routine with merely an hour left.


Although Blue Team would not have gained any points for preparedness, they managed to accumulate their fair share for the impressive entrance and decorations they managed to string together, placing 2nd in both categories. Their entrance was only outmatched by the works of the Guac Stars, who pieced together a routine that was both impressive and hilarious, including an epic fight starring the team mascot, Guacy Balboa. If judged solely on the entrances, decorations, and participation (which went to Green, Green, and Red respectively) then Blue Team would not be in the position they are now. However, it was their strong performance in the games themselves that accumulated them the necessary points to be deemed champions.


As their reward, members of the Blue Team will be treated to a pizza party sometime in the coming weeks during lunch. All students and staff on the Blue Team are welcome, and beverages will be provided. 


With this being said, all teams will continue to compete for the highest overall score of the year. Each team will still be able to earn points by participating in spirit days throughout second semester, and the team with the highest point total will have their unique team name engraved on a plaque to be kept in the school for the years to come. As of the date of publication, the Guac Stars sit in first place at 98 points, Blue Team closely follows at 95 points, and the Surfing Santas have some catching up to do at 81 points.