Title Description Type Posted
SSHS Operational Plan Overview File sshs_2020-2021_-_op_summary.pptx Sep 3, 2020
SSHS Operational Plan 2020-2021 PDF icon sugarloaf_senior_high_school_operations_plan_version_5.pdf Sep 3, 2020
How to Select Courses On-Line - SSHS

How to Pick your courses on-line.

PDF icon how_to_select_courses_on-line.pdf May 24, 2020
SSHS Course Information Guide 2020 – 2021

Description of Courses and Guide to making your selections.

PDF icon sshs_course_selection_-_2020_-_2021.pdf May 24, 2020
. 2020-21 SSHS Current Course Groupings

Breakdown of Courses by Grade Level.

File 2020-21_sshs_current_course_groupings.xlsx May 24, 2020
SSHS Course Selection Guide 2020-2021 PDF icon sshs_course_selection_-_2020_-_2021.pdf May 13, 2020
First Nation Scholarships PDF icon fn_scholarships.pdf May 5, 2020
School Access Document PDF icon student_locker_memo.pdf Apr 30, 2020
University/College Requirements PDF icon post-secondary_information_for_grade_12_final_april_2020.pdf Apr 27, 2020
Home Learning Q&A Regarding Credit/Enrolled PDF icon asd-n_qa_april_20.pdf Apr 20, 2020
Important EECD Update - Continuity of Learning Plan PDF icon updateapril22020.pdf Apr 2, 2020
ASD-N To Launch Tele-Guidance Counselling Service For Students PDF icon psa_for_tele-guidance_counselling.pdf Apr 1, 2020
Covid-19 PDF icon memo_march_9_covid-19_signed.pdf Mar 9, 2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19): For Schools returning after March Break PDF icon coronavirus_covid-19_for_schools_returning_after_march_break_final.pdf Mar 9, 2020
Cafeteria Lunch Menu PDF icon cafeteria_lunch_menu.pdf Newsletter Dec 14, 2015
Student Handbook 2015-2016 PDF icon student_agenda_2015-2016.pdf Other Dec 14, 2015
SSHS Grad Class Scholarship Package 2015 PDF icon sshs_grad_package_-_scholarships.pdf Other Apr 27, 2015
Course Selection 2015-2016 Package PDF icon course_selection_2015-2016.pdf Other Apr 27, 2015
Alternate Bussing Arrangements An important message to parents and guardians with regard to requests for “Alternate Bussing Arrangements (Bus Passes)”. File bus_passes.docx Memo Aug 27, 2014
SSHS Grad Ranking Procedures SSHS Grad Ranking Procedures PDF icon sshs_ranking_procedure.pdf Newsletter Jun 11, 2014


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