Oct 21 HW - A. MacDonald

Posted: October 21, 2013

P1:  Continued to work on scale statements and scaled measurements.  Some students did not finish their in class assignment on Thurs or Friday.  This needs to be finished and handed in.   There will be a quiz on Tuesday.   P2:  We finished completing the investigation exercise of transformations of exponential graphs.  This should be ready to be handed at the beginning of tuesday's class.   P4: Chem 12 - Reviewed Keq worksheet and questions from thursday/friday.  Then we started the intro to the 3rd type involving ICE Tables.  Students were called out for a quick presentation near the end of class.    P6:  Chem 11:  Continued on with rules for naming acids/bases and practiced on board.  Assigned various worksheet questions for acids and bases.