English 11-2 Allegory Part 4 - The Essay

Posted: May 20, 2020

Write a 5 paragraph essay that answers the following: How is Animal Farm an allegory?

Paragraph 1- Introduce the plot of the novel and the concept of an allegory. End the paragraph with a statement on how Animal Farm is considered a classic example of an allegory, which can be proven through an analysis of the symbols.

Paragraph 2/3/4 - THE ANALYSIS OF THE SYMBOLS. Structure the body however you want, but you need to use the information you learned through your research to discuss how the symbols (characters, setting, items, whatever you discovered through your reading and the research), lead you to a second/deeper meaning of the story.  This is an assessment of your understanding of symbolism and allegory as well as your ability to construct a strong 5 paragraph essay.  You were taught and prepared for this in English 9, 10 and 11 semester 1. This will also work as your final written exam/assessment for credit in this course.

Conclusion - repetition of the purpose of this essay and listing of the proof that Animal Farm is indeed an allegory

NO direct quotes needed, but ovbiously events of the novel will need to be referenced throughout.  No works Cited page needed.

This assignment to be completed for the week of June 1st - 5th please.